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As one of the leading names in the field of hot dip galvanizing, Gel Metaliks Private Limited prides itself on quality and innovation. Established in 2006, we now fully operate in the state-of-the-art testing facilities for standard products and services in West Bengal.

The galvanizing plant spans over an area of 45000 sq feet, located in NH6 Jalan Industrial Complex Gate No 3. Our registered office building is in the factory campus to facilitate the day-to-day businesses.

It’s our thorough research for years and consultation with experts in the field of setting galvanizing plant which have resulted in the formation of the superlative plant facility.

The plant has following set up for smoothly achieving production of galvanized finished material of 50MT per day.

Shed Area- 16000 square feet
Degreasing tank- Dimension 12mtrx1.5mtrx1.2mtr – 1Nos
Acid Tank- Dimension 12mtrx1.5mtrx1.2mtr – 4Nos
Rinsing Tank- Dimension 12mtrx1.5mtrx1.2mtr – 2Nos
Flux Tank- Dimension 12mtrx1.5mtrx1.2mtr – 1Nos
Dryer Hot plate for pre heating (open type) – 8mtrX2mtr – 1 Nos
Zinc Kettel- 7mtrX1.2mtrX0.900mtr – 1Nos
Quenching Tank- 12mtrX1.5mtrX1.5mtr – 1Nos
Dichromating Tank- 12mtrX1.5mtrX1.5mtr – 1Nos

Finish Yard – 4000 sqaure feet
Hoist Cranes for overhead carriage of Materials – 2MT – 12 Nos
Hydra – 14 Tonne
Temperature Automatic Control Device to maintain Temperature of Kettle – Wesman 1Nos
Combustion Unit for heating and melting of zinc and for pre heating – Wesman 1 set
RCC flooring – 18000 sqaure feet
24x7 CCTV Survillience
Boundry Wall all around the plant with factory main gate controlled by Security manpower.

Best Quality Assurance : Certified

ISO 9001:2015

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